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Become a Dealer

Our Approach

We’re redefining digital signage management for A/V professionals

Engineered from A/V Challenges to Solutions

In the world of digital signage, A/V professionals navigate a maze of complexities. Flagship CMS emerges from understanding these intricacies, offering a streamlined, powerful solution that intuitively aligns with your workflow, not against it.

We've experienced the same stories of frustration, of juggling multiple platforms, and of the need for deeper control. Flagship CMS is our response: a single, cohesive platform that transforms these challenges into streamlined operations.

Command Your Digital Signage with Confidence

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For A/V professionals, roadblocks aren't just technical—they're operational. That's where Flagship CMS steps in, smoothing out the bumps that others leave behind. Our approach pivots on seamless deployment and customization, transforming what used to be a drawn-out process into something effortlessly quick and adaptable. It's about giving A/V pros the tools to not just launch but also tailor their digital signage without the drag, ensuring that every setup is as precise as their vision demands.
Then there's the matter of keeping everything running like clockwork. With Flagship CMS, you're not just monitoring your network; you're proactively safeguarding it. Our dashboard is the eagle-eyed watchtower for your digital ecosystem, spotting and solving issues before they even register as blips on your radar. And when it comes to ongoing support of projects, we've banished the days of hunting down fragments of crucial info across platforms. Everything you need lives in one unified space, bringing clarity and efficiency front and center. This isn't just about filling a gap; it's about elevating the entire A/V professional's command over their digital signage universe, ensuring they're always in control, and never compromising on delivering stellar user experiences.
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SimpleCTRL for basic CMS needs
ShowCTRL for dynamic content
SelfCTRL for complete customization