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Completely Custom

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Attach your custom application for easy updates and quick device redeployments. Build custom modules to monitor and leverage third-party devices to build a unique interactive experience.

How SelfCTRL Works

SelfCTRL lets you integrate with DashboardCTRL, allowing both you and end users to make changes to the custom program without completely recompiling or requiring laborious changes to the system. With each custom application loaded onto DashboardCTRL, everything you need is conveniently accessible and updateable in one place.

Your CMS can also fully function without actively displaying content. It can operate in a server-type capacity or perform headless tasks to support installation sites, ensuring smooth operating and flexibility in managing your digital signage infrastructure.

Common Uses

Auto Dealerships
Load a custom-built Unreal Engine application that lets a local iPad user build and price a car on the video wall.
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Science Museum
Leverage a Kinect camera so that viewers can point at stars in your custom application and have it tell you the name and details of that star.
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Mall Wayfinding
Implement a custom 3D wayfinding application that also pulls information from your customer’s systems to populate each store’s information.
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Public Art Exhibit
Captivate audiences with striking displays, like raising jaywalking awareness by showing X-rays of people after they’re hit by a car.
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Children’s Hospital
Create realistic aquarium content that scatters fish where the display is pressed. For extra fun, add a piranha every now and then.
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When to Use ShowCTRL

You require custom programming that’s outside of the box.
Needing quick custom deployments and re-deployments.
You require a platform to manage your custom program through.
Third-party input device integration is necessary.
Hosting a landing page for controlling a device that needs serial commands, TCP/IP commands, and/or IR commands.

Need Something Else?

SelfCTRL’s limitation is that it has no limitations. Which is great, but not ideal for every Digital Signage CMS solution.
Need something simpler and easy to set up? We recommend SimpleCTRL.
Explore SimpleCTRL
Are you looking for something dynamic but not fully customizable? Check out ShowCTRL
Explore ShowCTRL
Regardless of what you require, Flagship CMS has flexible, user-friendly solutions perfect for any project size.
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